Running past a nearby open veld one morning, we initially thought we needed to get in touch with our council to cut the almost waist-high grass. But as the morning sun gently lit this patch of ground we saw it in a new light. Before the council comes to cut the grass, this is a great spot for a music video we decided. Johannesburg has been experiencing an unusually hot summer this season as a result of drought conditions. Fortunately though the last few weeks of February we have had heavy rain falls and the opportunistic grass has grown tall and green of late.

So early one March morning while the drops of dew where still wet on the wild-flowers, we set off for this spot, instruments in hand. Most of our neighbourhood were still asleep except a few curious early-morning joggers and cyclist at the smartly dressed pair trying to find the best spot to place a camera in the long grass.

The rain had fortunately decided to give us a morning’s chance to shoot our video and we had some glorious morning light, but come afternoon a typical Highveld thunderstorm was waiting in the wings.

We had decided to shoot one of Cherry Pill’s instrumental tracks off our new album “Si Tu Savais” titled Beautiful Love. This evergreen jazz standard that we have interpreted in our own way has been a popular choice for streaming and downloads, so we thought it was time for a music video too. The 1931 tune written by Victor Young, Wayne King and Egbert Van Alstyne was used in Woody Allen’s 1989 film “Crimes and Misdemeanors”. Our take of this tune alternates the melody between the violin and the guitar with hints of virtuosic, harmonic minor flavour.