Si Tu Savais (If you knew) is a song composed by George Ulmer and was covered in 1947 by the legendary guitarist Django Reinhardt. Ulmer song has an appealing laid-back feel and almost whimsical melody that works well as an instrumental piece.

Cherry Pill have used this song as a title track to an instrumental side project released in November 2016. Kristel and Rory of Cherry Pill decided to record Si Tu Savais as a tribute to some of the composers and songs that influenced them when they first started playing together many years ago, performing various styles of standards as an instrumental duo at restaurants and craft markets. The album has a distinctive virtuosic flavour.

A stroke of serendipity helped us in finding a suitable location to shoot this music video. Having already made a few of our own videos, one never just drives around unaware of the variety locations just around the corner that previously seemed mundane. Any trip nowadays just to buy bread or milk is a scouting expedition. It was on one such trip to pick up an ice-cream on a sweltering hot South African afternoon that we drove past an abandoned building that has become a graffiti haven. We loved the idea of juxtaposing the more classical look and feel of the instruments and music with the gritty graffiti backdrop. The colours were so vivid we decided to shoot the video before the artwork changed. Without wasting much time the next day we found the spot quite and set about shooting. A looming Highveld thunderstorm threatened to flood the set at any moment, but as often happens up in Johannesburg the sun kept drenching the wall with beautiful light and we managed to get enough takes before the rain really came down in buckets!