Hi Music Lovers, Cherry Pill will be performing in the Rosebank area this Saturday! Catch us at MusicWorx 157 Jan Smuts Ave on the Art Strip in Rosebank on 13 August 2016. Show starts 8:00pm, doors open from 6:30pm.

We’ll be playing some fresh new songs and some of your favourites. We’ll also be giving away some free merchandise to some lucky fans who pre-book their tickets before the show. Sign up now and stand in line to win a great goodie-bag!

Hope to see you there!
Kristel and Rory

Cherry Pill is a metaphor for life – the sweet and joyful mix with the bitter moments to create a rich experience full of twists and turns. The music is brought to life with mellow vocals, virtuoso violin and blues and rock-infused guitar licks.

Their latest recording ‘Chocolate Box’ will take you on a musical journey, with each song evoking a different emotion – from the wistful romanticism of “Silent Movie” to the darkly brooding “Bare”, the pulsing rhythms of “Shoreline” to the tender contemplation of “Things on My Mind”.

It is a band for sophisticated music lovers who appreciate music that tells a story.