If life has somewhat fallen apart at times, then this song is for you. As the title suggests, sometimes things just fall apart at times we least expect them to. ‘Fall Apart’ is a reggae-tinged, feel-good song though so your foot should be tapping along by the end of it.

Here’s to easing some of the frustration and anxiety!

A video link for this song is available at https://youtu.be/2SQsNmKWbtk

Some reviews we’ve had for ‘Fall Apart’

Andreas Grannes wrote: “Hi there. Thanks for your submission! I appreciate the relaxing and atmospheric soundscape here. Cheers, Andreas.”

comeherefloyd wrote: “Congrats on this charming single y’all. Vocals really add that extra to the frame of the song, indeed. A feel good, dance along vibe…the message comes through nicely. Keep on kickin’ butt. ”

weallwantsomeone of We All Want Someone To Shout For wrote: “A sweeping lovely folk and pop mix, well produced with some fitting arrangements for the fun vocals. Has a fun colorful upbeat nature to it that is easy to listen to and enjoy…”

Vinyl Chapters wrote: “Nice indie-folk sound with a reggae base…”

Ευθυμίου Δημήτρης of DE MUSIC wrote: “Hey there thanks for submitting. I really enjoyed the catchy drum beat here and the guitar melodies. Composition is interesting. Singer’s voice is touching …”