“Seasons come, seasons go, but there’s one thing that I know; it’s that the wheel comes around again”

Do these words resonate with you? Then take a listen to our latest AfriMusic song competition entry “The Wheel Keeps Turning”:

This song was selected among a host of national entries to compete for a spot in the largest song competition in Africa. The winners in each region are given a chance to be represented at the Eurovision Song competition.

We’d love to know what you think about the song! If you like it, please also take a moment to vote for us and spread the word! Voting is at https://www.afrimusicsongcontest.com/southernafricacontestants under Cherry Pill: ‘The Wheel Keeps Turning’.

This is the second year in a row that Cherry Pill have had one of their songs selected to compete in the AfriMusic Song Competition. In 2019 their song “Take a Bow” also made the national selection list.