Cherry Pill joins the innovative blockchain-driven stream2own service Resonate. This totally new system for streaming/ownership is based on a top-up, pay-as-you-go model instead of the usual “all you can eat” monthly subscription. Streaming new songs starts at a few fractions of a cent, and gets incrementally more expensive for subsequent plays (because you love those songs, right?). If you play a song often enough (nine times, to be exact), you will own it forever, for less than the cost of a regular digital download! This means that it is really cheap to explore new artists, and owning your favourite music still works out to be very affordable in the long-run.

By using blockchain technology, Resonate is able to immediately pay artists fairly and transparently, unlike traditional streaming services, which are infamous for having opaque and biased algorithms which favour big label artists over independent musicians.

Resonate is also a co-operative. That means that you can purchase an ownership share in the company for as little as $5, and can then democratically participate in making decisions around future development of the platform.

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